1. When is the best time to visit Victoria Falls? Vic Falls has its seasons, and each one offers its own unique reason to visit. It is up to you to decide what you want to experience when planning your trip to ensure you are here at the right time of the year.  Our high-water season falls between March – May, just after our rainy season. This is when the waterfall will be at peak flow – so if you want to see her in all her splendour, this is the time of the year for you to plan your trip. High-water does mean that some activities are not available, so if you are coming to experience swimming on the edge of the Falls in the Devils pool, or to experience the best one day white-water rafting in the world, then it is better to visit during our low-water season which is August/September – December. Dry season is great from game-viewing, and green season is great for visiting the rain forest.  October is our hottest month of the year. Check out our partners page Best Time To Visit Victoria Falls to find out more about when to visit.
  2. Is there malaria in Victoria Falls? Victoria Falls is considered a low-risk area, but it is important to take precautions ( repellent, mosquito nets, long sleeves in the evenings) – especially during August- Fenruary months. For information on prophylactics, speak to your medical advisors.
  3. Places to Eat? There are many different options in and around Vic Falls to suit all taste buds and budgets. Have a look at Africas Eden – things to do  to get see what dining options are out there.
  4. Updated information: We constantly update our Facebook page and our instagram page – feel free to give us a follow to get up to date happenings and information about Pioneers, and the goings on in and around Victoria Falls.
  5. Upcoming events?  There are numerous events that take place in and around Vic Falls during the year. From the Econet Vic Falls Marathon, to the Carnival. A personal favourite of ours is the Zambezi Cycle Challenge – this is definitely an event that should be added to the list of any keen trail riders.