Green Initiatives


We have a 60kva solar system in place which means the majority of the time the entire lodges essential circuit runs off solar. Strategically places solar panels,  placed on rooftops, ensure we capture as much power as we can from our warm Zimbabwean sunshine. Our hot water systems also relies on solar geysers.

We are backed up by mains power and two large generators for those few and far between cloudy days.

Less Plastic

We try and stay away from single use plastic as much as possible. We have installed a water filtration system, and flasks are filled and placed in the rooms every day. In conjunction to this initiative, we have also partnered with Ecodrop.


What it is about:

As part of our commitment to sustainable travel and our bid to be environmentally friendly, we have partnered with Ecodrop Zimbabwe to find a cost -effective way to try prevent single use plastic bottles entering the environment.

The concept is simple: visitors (and locals) purchase a sturdy, refillable bottle equipped with a code that can be scanned at any of the refill stations (located conveniently around Victoria Falls city) to fill their bottles with cold water, cleaned via reverse osmosis. Plus, the bottle serves as a souvenir to remind visitors of their time spent in Victoria Falls. Alternatively you can donate your bottle to one of our local community projects on your departure. We have a dispenser in our bar area – if you scan the QR code it will give you a map of where the other dispensers are located.

How to use it:

Step 1. Purchase a QR coded bottle or keyring from the bar/reception area. A percentage of each sale is donated to a local charity.  Each bottle/key ring allows you 30 refills.

Step 2. Fill your water bottles at any of the conveniently located Ecodrop dispensers.

It is as easy as that.

Track the results:

All refills will be tracked and linked back to the lodge.  A counter, digitally linked through the QR code, will allow us to see how many plastic bottles Pioneers refills have prevented being used, as well as a total number (combined from all involved in the project). An easy, and cost effective, way to play a role in saving the planet

Pristine Victoria Falls

We are very active members of  The Pristine Victoria Falls Society – a stakeholder driven initiative to make Victoria Falls the cleanest city in Africa. We do weekly rubbish collections in certain sections, clean ups along the airport road, and we have donated a vehicle to the organisation to assist them with day to day operations.